One more sleep

by Pretty Patel

Hey! I finally got myself a bike at the weekend, it’s really nice riding around the city. I am better than I thought I was going to be, need to practice a little more before going around on it under the influence of alcohol though! It’s really low, I can touch the ground with my feet which is good for my skill set! The nice man in the shop said I can change it when he has another one which is higher. I had Tina over the weekend before last which was really nice, we went to Melanie’s birthday party on the Saturday night and chilled for the rest of the weekend. Last week I did some mid week drinking with my new best friend at work Sebastian, I am so out of practice, I didn’t feel good the next day! Friday night I had drinks with someone I met at Levi’s and haven’t seen for 8 years! He is also working at Nike. One drink lead to drinking all night, I drank pints of beer as well which isn’t the norm here, everyone drinks these small beers with massive heads! It was a really fun night and reminded me of drinks after work in London. I am back in London for a long weekend, I am so excited!!! Can’t wait to see you all!!! It’s been far too long! One more sleep to go xxxxx