Queens day

by Pretty Patel

It was queens day last weekend in the Netherlands, which is a big celebration in the city and is completely mad!! Louise and Niamh were visiting for this very special weekend! Saturday and sunday were spent giving the girls a tour around the city, I am becoming a very good tour guide! We discovered some lovely places to have lunch and walked for hours. Sunday night was queens night, we had a few drinks at mine and then headed out for some drinks around the jordaan area. The streets were packed, everyone was drinking in the street and theres lots of music playing. It was a really fun night but crazy busy! Monday was such a lovely day, it was really sunny which helped. The streets were full of people selling things, the city turns into one big flea market, people are performing, selling food and little girls are painting people nails, very strange! Back to work now which is still going well, I am finally getting the Nike language which makes things a lot easier. I also had a lovely weekend with Laura, it was so nice seeing her, we wondered around the city and checked out some vintage shops. My sister is visiting this weekend which will be lovely, we are going to a birthday party on Saturday night, I will also be giving her my famous tour around the city! Missing everyone lots and looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks xxx p.s I have some pictures for you this time!!