It’s been awhile

by Pretty Patel

Hi everyone, it’s been awhile, sorry for being so lame with blogging. I have been a busy girl, learning how to ski on my first skiing holiday with Laura and the gang. We had so much fun; I finally got the skiing thing after 3 lessons and started to enjoy it. I didn’t want to come back to Amsterdam on my own.  Nike is so much fun, we had drinks last Friday at 4pm on campus and then a few of us went to Amsterdam for more drinks. Saturday I met Mat from L&S who was in Amsterdam for a stag; it was so nice seeing a familiar face. Having a busy week at work and had my birthday yesterday, everyone was so nice, thanks for all the birthday messages. Some of my colleagues decorated my desk and Laura sent me flowers and a lovely dress. I went for drinks in the evening with some friends from Nike; all in all was a very nice birthday. I move into my new apartment on Monday, it’s a loft apartment with a balcony! I am going to a party on Saturday night which will be fun, looking forward to making some new friends. That’s all for now, I will let you how I get on at my first party in Amsterdam.