The sun has finally arrived!!!

by Pretty Patel

I have started to make friends, nothing like back home but I went out last night for some drinks. It was a girl’s birthday and we went to a bar, not in the best of areas (where all the stags go) but the bar was nice and it was good to get to know some of the people on my team. Everyone goes out so late here and doesn’t drink nearly as much as the English. I had three cocktails, my first drink since arriving, I am changing my ways everyone!  Also went to the ‘Nike’ pub on Friday nights, nothing like the Shatson but it’s the bar everyone hangs out after work on Friday nights!

Today has been a lovely sunny day; I have been for a little walk around the city. I checked out some areas which I am viewing apartments in tomorrow afternoon. I have been hanging out on the terrace this afternoon, making the most of the sun as I have heard it doesn’t come out very offend!

It’s going to be a short week for me, going skiing on Thursday night, can’t wait to see Laura and everyone else! It feels like I haven’t seen them for ages but it’s only been about 2 weeks!