Just do it…

by Pretty Patel

I have been in Amsterdam almost a week now and starting to really enjoy it. My first few days at Nike have been really good, it’s so different from anywhere I have worked but it’s amazing! The campus is really cool, my favourite part is the canteen (surprise surprise,) it has every and any type of food you might need or want! I haven’t had a chance to check out the gym yet but I will do next week, people exercise during lunch and you can work around exercise classes which I am looking forward to. I met my only friend in Amsterdam, Melanie for dinner last night which was really nice, it was good to see a friendly face, we went to a nice bar near the station, I was a good girl and didn’t drink.

My parents have arrived this evening; we are just chilling out in my serviced apartment at the moment. Tomorrow we are going to walk around the city and check out the shops on the 9 streets which have great shops and cute cafes (not the naughty type).

OK I promise I will have more exciting thing to talk about once I actually start making friends and doing stuff, you will have to be patient with me for now though.

Good things about Amsterdam

– No crazy commuter on the trains, always get a seat and get to look out of the window.

– Paprika crisp

Bad Things about Amsterdam

– It’s so damp here my hair has actually gone crazy fizzy! If this continues I will have bad hair for my whole time in Amsterdam.

– Constantly have to look out for bikes; I can honestly say I have seen more bikes so far in Amsterdam than people!