Moving and Living in Amsterdam

One more sleep

Hey! I finally got myself a bike at the weekend, it’s really nice riding around the city. I am better than I thought I was going to be, need to practice a little more before going around on it under the influence of alcohol though! It’s really low, I can touch the ground with my feet which is good for my skill set! The nice man in the shop said I can change it when he has another one which is higher. I had Tina over the weekend before last which was really nice, we went to Melanie’s birthday party on the Saturday night and chilled for the rest of the weekend. Last week I did some mid week drinking with my new best friend at work Sebastian, I am so out of practice, I didn’t feel good the next day! Friday night I had drinks with someone I met at Levi’s and haven’t seen for 8 years! He is also working at Nike. One drink lead to drinking all night, I drank pints of beer as well which isn’t the norm here, everyone drinks these small beers with massive heads! It was a really fun night and reminded me of drinks after work in London. I am back in London for a long weekend, I am so excited!!! Can’t wait to see you all!!! It’s been far too long! One more sleep to go xxxxx


Queens day

It was queens day last weekend in the Netherlands, which is a big celebration in the city and is completely mad!! Louise and Niamh were visiting for this very special weekend! Saturday and sunday were spent giving the girls a tour around the city, I am becoming a very good tour guide! We discovered some lovely places to have lunch and walked for hours. Sunday night was queens night, we had a few drinks at mine and then headed out for some drinks around the jordaan area. The streets were packed, everyone was drinking in the street and theres lots of music playing. It was a really fun night but crazy busy! Monday was such a lovely day, it was really sunny which helped. The streets were full of people selling things, the city turns into one big flea market, people are performing, selling food and little girls are painting people nails, very strange! Back to work now which is still going well, I am finally getting the Nike language which makes things a lot easier. I also had a lovely weekend with Laura, it was so nice seeing her, we wondered around the city and checked out some vintage shops. My sister is visiting this weekend which will be lovely, we are going to a birthday party on Saturday night, I will also be giving her my famous tour around the city! Missing everyone lots and looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks xxx p.s I have some pictures for you this time!!





I am finally connected to the internet and have Dutch TV, it’s been almost 3 weeks since I moved into my apartment which is a lovely loft one bedroom flat about 20 minutes’ walk from the station. I am feeling more settled now I have my stuff around me. I had a lovely Easter with Jen, we walked around Amsterdam and found some lovely places to eat and shop! Last weekend I had dinner and drinks with Melanie, it was so nice catching up with a friendly face. I also went to a film exhibition and for a girly night watching Sex in the City night with lots of wine and nibbles. This week I did my first presentation at work which went well I think! We all did a boot camp class afterwards, sweating in front of your colleagues and directors is something you get use to I hope. Laura is coming this weekend which I am so excited about! Can’t wait to spend a whole weekend with her, it’s going to be so nice catching up and showing her around some of the cool places I have found in Amsterdam. I am back in London on the 16th of May so hopefully will be able to catch up with some of you then! That’s all for now, will update you on my weekend with Laura and my plans for queens day next week!

It’s been awhile

Hi everyone, it’s been awhile, sorry for being so lame with blogging. I have been a busy girl, learning how to ski on my first skiing holiday with Laura and the gang. We had so much fun; I finally got the skiing thing after 3 lessons and started to enjoy it. I didn’t want to come back to Amsterdam on my own.  Nike is so much fun, we had drinks last Friday at 4pm on campus and then a few of us went to Amsterdam for more drinks. Saturday I met Mat from L&S who was in Amsterdam for a stag; it was so nice seeing a familiar face. Having a busy week at work and had my birthday yesterday, everyone was so nice, thanks for all the birthday messages. Some of my colleagues decorated my desk and Laura sent me flowers and a lovely dress. I went for drinks in the evening with some friends from Nike; all in all was a very nice birthday. I move into my new apartment on Monday, it’s a loft apartment with a balcony! I am going to a party on Saturday night which will be fun, looking forward to making some new friends. That’s all for now, I will let you how I get on at my first party in Amsterdam.

The sun has finally arrived!!!

I have started to make friends, nothing like back home but I went out last night for some drinks. It was a girl’s birthday and we went to a bar, not in the best of areas (where all the stags go) but the bar was nice and it was good to get to know some of the people on my team. Everyone goes out so late here and doesn’t drink nearly as much as the English. I had three cocktails, my first drink since arriving, I am changing my ways everyone!  Also went to the ‘Nike’ pub on Friday nights, nothing like the Shatson but it’s the bar everyone hangs out after work on Friday nights!

Today has been a lovely sunny day; I have been for a little walk around the city. I checked out some areas which I am viewing apartments in tomorrow afternoon. I have been hanging out on the terrace this afternoon, making the most of the sun as I have heard it doesn’t come out very offend!

It’s going to be a short week for me, going skiing on Thursday night, can’t wait to see Laura and everyone else! It feels like I haven’t seen them for ages but it’s only been about 2 weeks!

Just do it…

I have been in Amsterdam almost a week now and starting to really enjoy it. My first few days at Nike have been really good, it’s so different from anywhere I have worked but it’s amazing! The campus is really cool, my favourite part is the canteen (surprise surprise,) it has every and any type of food you might need or want! I haven’t had a chance to check out the gym yet but I will do next week, people exercise during lunch and you can work around exercise classes which I am looking forward to. I met my only friend in Amsterdam, Melanie for dinner last night which was really nice, it was good to see a friendly face, we went to a nice bar near the station, I was a good girl and didn’t drink.

My parents have arrived this evening; we are just chilling out in my serviced apartment at the moment. Tomorrow we are going to walk around the city and check out the shops on the 9 streets which have great shops and cute cafes (not the naughty type).

OK I promise I will have more exciting thing to talk about once I actually start making friends and doing stuff, you will have to be patient with me for now though.

Good things about Amsterdam

– No crazy commuter on the trains, always get a seat and get to look out of the window.

– Paprika crisp

Bad Things about Amsterdam

– It’s so damp here my hair has actually gone crazy fizzy! If this continues I will have bad hair for my whole time in Amsterdam.

– Constantly have to look out for bikes; I can honestly say I have seen more bikes so far in Amsterdam than people!


Welcome to Amsterdam

I have now arrived in Amsterdam, been here for a day now, my temporary apartment is lovely and very big, I feel a bit lost in it. Been drove around the city today by my relocation agent, got my tax number and opened a bank account, also went to view some apartments. It’s been very grey so far but that was to be expected, hopefully it is nice tomorrow when I am planning to do some discovering. Missing everyone loads. xxx